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    I used Danner Jackal II last year, they were on sale for $120. Some people had problems with the boot leaking but mine never did. I plan on using them again this next year. It is a very lightweight boot, IMO.(but my boot experience is limited)

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    I love Danners.
    I make it in to the factory store every chance I get.
    I tried the Pathfinder GTX last year. (they look pretty comparable)

    For me they just didn't cut it. They are pretty much a waterproof high top sneaker.
    It is lightweight, and it didn't leak, but it just wouldn't stay laced no matter what I tried.
    I recently purchased another pair of Pronghorns. They are heavier but they last several seasons and are extremely comfortable.

    I still take the lightweight Pathfinders if my feet are aching and I'm on a short afternoon hunt in Elk Camp.
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    Lightweight Hunting Boots?

    I love Zamberlans lightweight backpacking boots. They can be pricey but I've never had a problem with my feet being sore or uncomfortable. They provide a ton of support and feel great on long trips.
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    I do things a little different and most wouldn't agree with me. I used to work out year round 6 days a week, lift in the morning and run at night to get ready for elk season. I would buy the best pair of running shoes I could find a couple months before hunting season and wear them training and while hunting. I always take a couple pair of boots (meindl) if I end up packing heavy loads. I still prefer to hunt in light weight running shoes or hiking shoes. I love my meindls and haven't ever had a blister but they are heavy. I always feel better at the end of the day with less weight on my feet. I like to think I can go farther with less effort. I started out this year in WY in the meindls but was having slippage issues on the slopes in the Bighorns due to the snow and rain. After a gashed shin on a rock I switched to some merrell low hiking boots with vibram soles and got along great. I did wear gaiters to stay dryer. Being 55 years old I didn't think the ankles would still handle the low shoes but I was fine. I actually wore them packing meat out this year with no problems. My brother in law used to do the same years ago when we hunted Colorado at high altitude. They work for me but might not for you.
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