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    Opinions on Garmin?

    Anyone have experience with the Garmin etrex 20? I'm considering one - I have a used Magellan 310(I believe) that I paid $30 for...has worked great last two years Elk hunting - I basically just use to get elevation, mark elk sign, and back to the truck. But - the farther I venture the more I can see use of topo when trying a new area that I don't have a "mental snapshot" would be nice to know how close I'm getting to another road or waterway.

    Opinions on importance of barometric altimeter?
    Opinions on 3 axis compass vs magnetic?


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    One of my sons has an eTrex, he really likes it. I can't speak to the specifics you ask about as I have not used it that much. For my old eyes and ham hands the buttons are too small and poorly marked and the screen is too small. I prefer my Garmin GPS72.
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    I have a DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 from about 5 years ago and I don't like it one bit. Slow, loses signal, locks up constantly and eats batteries. If you try to track your position and leave it on, it will be dead in 4 hours. This year I will be using my iPhone with a $5 app instead.
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