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Thread: Advice on a GPS

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    I really like my Garmin GPS72. I got it some years ago because I like the bigger and better marked buttons and bigger screen. My old eyes and fat fingers need extra room on electronic stuff.
    Just some hard-won experience and advice. Wherever you go, always take a good topo map of the area you're in and a compass, and know how to use them. GPS are very nice, but don't count on them completely. Anything that will disrupt the signal for satellite TV will also disrupt the signal for a GPS receiver.
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    I think they've been steadily improving the satellite reception. I had a Magellan several years ago that lost signal pretty easily. My Garmin eTrex Vista was better, and now my Garmin Oregon 450 hardly ever loses a signal. I believe the new eTrex may even have a newer satellite fix.

    EdD270 still makes a good point, though. There's always room for something to go wrong with electronics. You could simply run out of batteries!

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    I don't know alot about gps units but the 2 I have owned are the Rhino 120 and the Oregon 450T and hands down the 450T is by far the better gps unit. They will both do the job, it's just the 450T does it easier.

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    An update on this thread. I received the Oregon 450. I really like it. Very nice product.



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