There's a reason for me listing my location the way i did. For years the people that do not know anything about game management has been running things here. I was excited to hear that the Director of F&G was a hunter when I first heard that he was appointed; now it looks like the powers that be (the tree hungers that have never seen the outdoors except at the beach and the park) are running him out of office. If you want to find out what all is wrong with the way this state manages the game it doesn't take much digging to find many examples. Do you think the staggered waterfowl opener is to help the waterfowl or someone in Sacramento throwing a bone to the private duck clubs in the valley? You are already talking about the lion joke here and since I brought an issue up to the state in regards to their “special hunts to the public” I figure if I stick around I’ll never see another draw for a state run waterfowl refuge.

Bottom line it’s a shame that a man is being targeted because of a legal activity, Politicians can do drugs, drink and drive and many other illegal activities, but a hunter than works for the state does something that the wackos consider not "politically correct" and he has to worry about losing the job he had been working towards for years.

New Mexico here I come