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    Quote Originally Posted by CheyenneElk View Post
    I recently reviewed my notes from the last 4 or 5 years and we've hunted very close to full moon the first week of Sept most of those years. Generally speaking, we did better after the full moon than we did before, but it is really hard to say. In 2009, the full moon was Sept 4th, and we killed bulls on the 9th and 10th. The moon was still big. On the 10th, we had 7 bulls bugling back in a small canyon. We were in this canyon to carry out the bull we killed the previous evening and thought we would bugle just to see what was what...holy bejebers!

    I agree that the full moon is a human concern, not an elk concern.
    if you think about it, the 10th is right about time for that 2nd estrus cycle and a great time to be in the elkwoods as more bulls are actively seeking cows. by this time even the smaller raghorns and satellites have shed their velvet and are on the hunt.
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    Well here in Idaho where I hunt, primarily archery hunts, moon phases do have an effect on their daytime movements. When you go out early September, the moon is usually high and bright at night. You will hear all sorts of elk calls all night long. Then as soon as the sun begins to rise and day breaks they get very very quiet. They are there and still move, but talk much much less. This can make it very difficult to find them if your not already on top of where they are.
    The third week of September here is when the moon begins to head into the new moon phase. As the week progresses, the elk will talk longer into the morning hours, and really helps to locate them early morning. The rut itself also tends to follow this part of the month and their rut drive is increasing. Hunting during the peak of the rut has proven time and time again to produce the best advantages of calling and attracting the elk into range.
    Does moon phase have an effect? I think yes, as it helps to time the rut peaks here where I hunt. Historically reference to the elks rut, it follows the moon phases exactly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drelk View Post
    IMO the moon does play a key role for my archery elk hunts and influences elk behavior. No scientific reason just my experience. This year the 8-15 of september will be my get it done time.
    I'm with ya on this one. This will be my first year pushing elk camp back by a week. I try to get out of there before all the deer hunters show up every year. The last two years just haven't felt right though. Seems like the weather has been warm and Ijust haven't been able to put the puzzle together. Good luck to you all this year!



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