I have a Blue Widow and love it. I am 6'3" and 260 Pounds with a very long torso. So long that the adjustments for a proper pack fit for my Cabelas Alaskan Outfitter was 3" short of where it should have been for me. I have also had my L3 and L4 vertebrae fused due to the stress over the years. I had a Badlands 2200 and wasn't impressed. It was alright. I couldn't even get my hands in the zipper pocket without feeling like I was getting skinned, as I have big hands too. I use it to hall the base camp in, unloaded it and I have my day pack for the week. It was cooler than the 2200 for me. It is really a well thought out pack, for getting in, day packing it, and getting your game out, which I haven't been able to test yet. It is easy to get into and keep organized, due to the many compartments. Lots of accessories too. I purchased mine at promotive.com but you need to be a member of one of the groups. Military and law enforcement groups are available. Got a super deal. Ebelestock people were very helpful too. I'm a loyal user,but as any pack, proper adjustments are essential, they walked me through the process. You carry the weight on your hips and use the elevator straps for comfort.