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Thread: Barneys Packs

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    Barneys Packs

    Anyone have any experience with the Barneys Frontier Pack of Alaska? The guys in Alaska swear by them just looking for opinions. Also their web site is a little weak, does anyone have pics of the Barneys pack? I am looking at the freighter frame and hunter bag. They sound wello built and my guide for this fall in Alaska recommended it but I am looking at myserty ranch and eberlestock packs. So many options and no store that carries all the lines of the big name packs.

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    PM sent. Search other hunting forums to get opinions of the Barneys. For a hauler they are tops.

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    I love my MR 6500. This pack is indestructible. Large enough to use for a 10+ day expidition and compresses down to be used hiking around. This is a very comfortable pack. It is heavier than most but this is because it can carry more than most comfortably. I would highly recomend this pack!!!!



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