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Thread: Wyoming Unit 74

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    If we ever draw the same antelope area, we could hook up and hunt big bucks. I hunt by myself because of the resons you listed in your last post. I don't hunt with my friends because they don't take antelope hunting very seriously no matter what area they draw. I feel like a fool because I gave them all the info I researched and still they can't hold off for more than a day to kill their bucks. One yahoo they took wanted to get back to WA to hunt bow hunt elk and shot a 12 in buck before noon, so he could rush back to hunt elk in a piss poor area. Go figure. They wasted 3 years worth of points to have an antelope shoot.

    I have no points this year, but went in the special draw and with some tips from others on this site, I hope to draw a decent area. I'll hunt hard for a 80+ buck. If I fail, I will have learned another antelope area and got to hunt in beautiful WY again.
    Good luck in the draw.

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    I have never understood why people even bother to build points and go shoot the first legal animal they see in a unit with lots of potential. If they just want to go hunting there are plenty of units that can be drawn every year with no points, especially for antelope.

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    I put in for 74 with my bro-in-law as well. I would have had 5 points going in and was going to be a shoe-in with a friend, then my friend backed out. I decided that I didn't want to go alone this year, so I invited my bro-in-law to apply with me even though he doesn't have any points. We'll average out at three points, so who knows if this will be enough. It was 100% with three last year, but it looks to me like the unit wasn't as popular last year - can't remember if Eastman's had it as a blue chip unit for the 2011 season. Maybe I'll see some of you out there if we get lucky. I figure if I don't draw, I'll have 6 points to throw at it next year...or pay an access fee further to the east in WY.

    I'm applying for Unit 90 deer as well with max points in the regular non-res draw...odds aren't great, but maybe I can make a combo hunt out of the trip.

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    I hunted there last year. I thought it was a pretty good unit. Hunted 10 days after the opener and had the place to ourselves. We stayed in Riverton and drove to the Gas Hills every morning. If I was hunting does I would not have seen many antelope because my hunt would have been over in 10 minutes. Where do do find the 170 inch antelope?



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