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    I have a .300 win mag w/ Leupold 4x12 scope, It is more capible than I am. I don't spend the time mastering long range shooting, I can hit milk jugs @ 500 (which is long range to me), but I've never shot an animal that far with it. I just keep the wind right and try to keep my shots under 300 yrds. I don't think any of the above calibers or optics will dissapoint, more often than not, its the person behind the gun. There are some very good tips here, have fun! My only advise is don't get too caught up in shooting farter than you need to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssliger View Post
    Is the 300 Win mag good for a long range shooter? This will probably be for target shooting only, just want some thoughts. Thanks.
    Yes with the proper scope you will have no problem to 800+ with plenty of practice and a good range finder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitterroot Bulls View Post
    Shooting long range is an involved process no matter which way you do it. A chronograph is essential equipment to me, but the work doesn't end there. Your chronographed muzzle velocities and published bullet Ballistic Coefficients (BCs) are a place to start. You use that info in a ballistic calculator (like JBM) to get data for your load. This should get you close. Then you need to verify and adjust your information with in-the-field shooting. Then you need to understand how elevation and temperture changes affect your drops.

    After you get all that down pat, then you need to learn the voodoo of doping wind, and that is a bugger.

    BDC reticles are approximate only. You need to verify and adjust those as well. Same with custom dials like those available from Leupold (CDS) and Vortex.

    It is kind of complicated to get into, but pretty fun too.
    This is pretty good, gouge, I shoot 1000-1400 yards for F-Class and we do a lot of long range hunting.

    You need more than ballistic turret or dots can give you for anything over 800 yards, there are too many verables with humidity, temp, and elevation for any ballistic turret or ballistic dot system to work beyond 800.

    Ammunition is much more important at 1000 yards than it is at 400. At 400 a 150 fps difference will be within an half of an inch of each other. At 1000 45 fps difference between rounds could change things 15 inches.

    You need a way to know the pre- tran-sonic flight (PTSF) speed of the round you are shooting. A Chroni will only give you a guess after it the leaves the chroni, based on the BC of the bullet (published BC).

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    The main thing I want to get out of this is to become a better shot at all ranges. I am a confident shot out to 350 yards. I want to get to know my equipment like the back of my hand. So after a few years I would feel confident to 700. My main goal is and will always be a 1 shot kill. Thanks for all your suggestions. I don't want to come across as someone who takes his long range system right out the box and shoots at animals 1000 yards away.

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    I agree with timberstalker. 500 yards is a long shot for me also. A lot of things go wrong after 500 yards. If I can't close up the distance on any big game animal to 500 yards then I don't need to be hunting that animal. I would rather put my faith in the stalk than a long shot. I have the equipment to shoot that far and am fine with 800 yards off the bench but field conditions are much much different. I think people watch too much T.V.

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    The 300 Win. is a great LR choice.

    As for the scope, that depends on your budget. Sightrons are inexpensive and are known for true, repeatable clicks.

    My last bit of advice is to not let other people tell you how far to shoot. Only you can determine that.
    Arise... Kill, Eat! - Acts 10:13

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    Did you get the 300? I have a ruger m77 and had I llluepold on it. Could shoot confident with it outdo 600 at he range in Laramie. looking to get a vortex scope on it.



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