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    6" of snow on the beach in Pacific City, Or this morning after an 80 MPH windstorm yesterday. I am ready for Spring!

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    Just sent my application off for colorado. We had a decent winter but the last month has been very dry, The dryest March in a loooong time. If we don't get some good moisture in the next month or so the big bulls will be 20" smaller than they should be. I may have to turn my elk tag in if that is the case?

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    Wolf Creek had 368 inches to date with 72 inches left. I have seen 799 inches back in the 70s. Cumbres Trestle has 50 inches left, droping about 2 inches per day. Tuesday is expecting about 2 inches of new snow. This is about half of the highs of the last five years. We did have some periods of cold.
    Gunnison, I believe, had a normal winter. No big winter kill of big game. I heard the banana belt only has 25% cover on the 14ers now.



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