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    March/April 2012 EBJ (Issue 70)

    in the recent EBJ magazine, South Cox had an article on pack wieght. Does anyone have the website he mentions that has the free pack list? I'm at work, dont have the mag. and forgot the website. Thanks in advance.

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    I didnt even get my mag yet so im no help at all. lol

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    Could it be this?

    I haven't gotten the March/April issue, so no clue on exactly what you're referring to, but am hoping you're talking about something on the order of :
    Pretty nice little site to help figure out how much weight you're dragging around, great planning aid (coming from someone who notoriously packs the kitchen sink, just in case...sigh.
    Alternatively, I think you can take a look at that issue, and other previous issues now on site.
    Hope this helps ~!!



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