I didnt want to thread jack sslingers thread so here goes. Bitterroot and Kevin both have suggested a SPOT or satellite phone to contact a packer to get an elk out of the woods. Only problem is i'm in college and am broke and the 2 ranchers ive talked to want money and not labor, and outfitters want even more money. So most likely I will be packing it on my back. I will "probably" get some help from my brother and room mate in packing it out but theres always a chance of that falling through and I like to hope for the best and plan for the worst.
So what are your guys' suggestions for packing an elk out of the back country during archery season? How much does an average sized boned out elk weigh? How many trips does it take you?
I hike with a pack every evening and have upped the weight in it from 40 lbs in january to 60 now and hope to be at 80-85 by hunting season with longer distances. I do various other strength and conditioning exercises as well. Im not new to breaking down and boning out game so thats not an issue. I have a pretty good idea as to what Im going to do but would like to hear your guys' suggestions.