Last night my wife and I got to go out on a date for the first time since we had our daughter on Nov 10 2010. I was pretty excited to just go out and enjoy this nice weather we have been having. Either way long story short we couldn't make it to the movie because our super ran later than thought. We went shopping instead at Scheels and I found a pair of Irish Setter boots on clearance from $120 to $69. I have always loved my Wolverine boots I got about 8 years ago but they are shot. I couldn't find a pair of Wolverine boots I liked and happened to put these on and really liked the feel also the price. Then my wife side well you need them and they are on clearance so just get them. I was shocked needless to say, I realize a lot of you have way more expensive boots and equipment but we don't have a lot of money and for my wife to let me do this I am supper excited!!!

These boots are uninsulated and fairly light weight. I am planning on going Antelope hunting this fall and hopefully Mule Deer hunting also. I am getting ready to go turkey hunting here in a couple weeks up to Valentine and hope to really test these boots out. I hope I get to use these for Elk hunting next year as long as they won't tear up my feet.

The only question I have is will an uninsulated boot be a problem for Archery Elk Hunting or should I have an insulated boot?

Nebraska Outlander