My buddy is trying to get me to buy his 300 weatherby sendero for $700. He says his dad put $400 into it at the smith in accurizing, im assuming that means the action has been trued and timed free float and maybe bedded. Scheels said they would give him $800 in a trade in for the gun he wants (savage lrh 338 lapua)
Is this a sweet deal? He really wants me to buy it because it does have some sentimental value and hed rather me have it then turning it loose to who ever buys it from scheels. He even went as far as saying I can pay him a hundred bucks a month for 7 months. It comes with a nikon buckmaster scope, nothing stellar but it holds zero. Only complaints about it is its heavier than hell, and I was really looking forward to building my 270 in a few months. What are your thoughts? I know nothing about these guns.