According to the website there are quite a few hunts for people who hold WSMR badges.

Is this just a military ID?

WSMR Security Badge Hunts These hunts are NOT Once-In-A-Lifetime
DO NOT APPLY for these hunts if you are not a U.S. citizen or do not have an appropriate WSMR security and hunt badge or cannot be escorted by someone who does. Only badged sponsors with an approved 2012 WSMR Hunt Permit and their guests will be allowed to participate in these hunts. Badged sponsors must have received a 2012 WSMR Hunt Permit by March 28, 2012. Hunters who do not have a permitted sponsor will be denied access to the hunt. If in doubt, do not apply. Oryx hunts ORX-1-118 through ORX-1-126 are available ONLY to U.S. citizens with appropriate WSMR security and hunt badges and their guests in accordance with WSMR provisions. There is no guarantee of access to WSMR for these hunts. These hunts will
be held on remote areas of White Sands Missile Range. Hunts will be conducted only on weekends, non-duty days and holidays. These hunts are NOT considered once-in-a-lifetime. Two persons may apply per application. Application must be made through the Departmentís public draw by March 28, 2012. Applicants may choose up to three hunt code choices. For further information on access and badging requirements, contact WSMR at (575) 678-7909 or (575) 678-7095.