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    It really just depends on where you are hunting.

    In Alaska south of the Brooks Range or on the Pac Coast I wouldn't hunt with out top quality rain gear and good wool to wear under it.

    In the Rockies it tends to be a lot drier. Synthetics work ok, but aren't fire proof. Wool works great, but isn't rain proof. I have only ever had it rain once while hunting elk in my life. And that shower lasted 10 minuites.

    I had similar luck in Germany in the Alps. Rained for a few minuites and then it was over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RUTTIN View Post
    Core4Element is another great option. They make some great stuff comparible to the others mentioned at a much lower price if you get them on Camofire.
    +1 for the Core4 merino wool gear. The base layers are some of the most comfortable I've worn. Plus, my wife thinks I look pretty good in my Core4 undies.

    I might have lied about the last part..

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    Just got this magazine issue, and this will make for a good read. Funny enough my new Kuiu jacket arrived 2 days prior to my magazine arriving.

    Has anyone else seen or tried the Kryptek gear yet?
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