Hello all, I am a new member here and am looking for any advise people are willing to give. Some buddies and I are planning on heading to Alaska in 2014, I have been wading through articles, websites, and outfitters tring to do my due diligence. But its pretty daunting, I have been a subscriber of eastmans for years and know most guys who read it are serious hunters so I thought I would try looking here. We are thinking North West alska unit 23, we would love to do a moose caribou combo. We are serious bow hunters so that is our goal, and we are serious DIY guys so we are thinking drop camp or air taxi. If any of you would mind sharing any experinces you have had up north I would appreciate it. We all have young families so budget is a concern. Two of us are X-elk guides so we are experienced in the woods and not scared of wild places or critters. Any good or bad experiences any of you would be willing to share would be great! If you have a pilot you have used and would recomend that would be even better. From what I can tell from my research so far, just about every Ak. resident with a plane is willing to take your money so I am alittle burnt out on talking to outfitters so any help would be awsome. Thanks in advance!