I need some general info. help. I got lucky and I just drew a cow buffalo tag for an indian reservation. It happens anytime I want to from Sept. to up untill Christmas. It is in a large pasture/pen, about 3000 acres. It should be a 100 yard shot at most.

Has anyone done this type of hunt ( I will use the term "hunt" very loosely) ? I am pretty sure I want to wait untill as late as possible to make sure the hide has some winter growth. I will be doing other hunts in Sept. and Oct.

When would you choose to hunt? How did you handle the hide and/or head( did you keep it, sell it, mount it). What did you do with the skull? Did you grind it all for burger or did you try to get some choice cuts from it? They load it and will haul it to a close by processor but I am thinking of just want to do it myself ( especially if I just grind it all). A mature cow could produce 400# of meat, what did you do with all of it? I know what it sells for in the store. If you sold it, how much did you charge people?