So I'm in the market for a new pack for this coming deer season to replace my blacks creek Jim Horn Signature Alaskan pack. Overall I have not been impressed with the way the Blacks Creek distrubited the load when I have a whole quartered up black tail deer in it. For those that may not be familiry with the older Alaskan, when you unzipped the main bag the entire pack expanded outwards or directly back which made you feel very top heavy and ready to go over backwards when loaded down. Now I was looking at the J34 pack and after unzipping the main bag it seems like the bag would expand more to the sides as opposed to directly back like the blacks creek. Does anyone have any experience with both of these packs or can comment on how the J34 carries weight? I still have my old frame pack that does well but it is a pain to carry while on a spot and stalk type hunt.