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    Core4Element gear

    Hey just a heads up Camofire is running a Core4Element lineup today, if you are in the market to start getting a layering system, this would give you a start at a pretty decent price on some quality clothes. I wore my element pant, and element jacket out turkey hunting the other day, and it snowed like no other. This stuff kept me warm and dry. I have never wore sitka or any of the other good stuff, but I am impressed with Core4.
    Shoot STR8

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    I got that email last night. I checked out camofire for the first time about a month ago! Thanks guys for another addictive website. I need to put my wife to work so I can afford this crap.

    I've never used core4. I hear nothing but great things. I use merino wool and am a strong believer in it for sure.

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    The merino wool base layers are awesome, as is the switchback pant. If you are familiar with the 90% series from Sitka, the Element is the exact same thing. It's good gear for sure, and Kendall at Camofire will hook up some sweet prices on it.



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