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    Pack list

    If anybody has there pack list typed out (excel, word, etc.) for backcountry elk hunting and would not mind sharing it I would love to see it. I am putting my gear together for my first 7 day backcountry bow hunt. Thx in advance!!

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    Guy did a pack list a couple years ago. Check the Archives on the home website.

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    There is also very detailed packing lists in David Longs book public land mulies. Some of your packing list depends on when and where you will be hunting. Try to keep it to the minimum you need. I know it is easy to over pack on your first trip. Takes a few times to figure out what you need and what you can live without. Look for things that will pull 'double duty'. i.e. a lighter sleeping bag and good long johns that you can wear sleeping or out hunting if it turns cold and flashlight GPS ect that use the same batteries.



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