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    Colorado unit 80/81 for deer

    Anyone have any info about deer hunting in Colorado units 80/81?

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    Some good bucks around Summitville. Hunted elk up there a couple years ago, near the radio towers there were about 15 bucks that were hanging together. Saw at least 3 that would go 180"

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    I will spend most of my summer in those units and unit 67. I have a 2nd home on the Conejos but I did not see many good bucks last year. We had poachers on their winter range, one was caught that I know about. Our local game warden is good at his job and also got help from the sherriff so I am expecting a far better year. I have see a really good buck near Osier this year, in the snow.
    I watched my friend walk three miles below Osier last year and I got to see two good bucks that day. They would stand up and watch him while I was glassing. Saw a trophy from the road about a mile from Summitville toward Del Norte, Palmer Gulch. That is before you get to Grayback (radio tower) Last year I took a friend elk hunting near the mine at Summitville.
    I plan to hunt unit 52 in NM, on the border with Co and will use my 7 points for Co. 67 third season.



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