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Thread: Sleeping Pad

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    To be honest, i don't think you can go wrong with just a simple therma rest z lite. It's dirt cheap ($25) and very light. I got one used and in perfectly good condition for $10. It's definately not as compact as today's inflatable pads but it doesn't have the problem with leakage because it's foam. I trimmed my z lite so that it goes from just my shoulder to my knee because those are the major pressure points against the ground that need to be padded. I just strap it to the outside of my pack. Works good for me.

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    I have several big anges and they work fine, but I switched to Exped UL 7 and it is awesome!! A little pricey, but a unique blow up system to avoid getting down it the pad wet.

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    i used the neoair xlite reg size on a 6 night trip to the tetons about 3 weeks ago. i am very happy with the pad. pros-leightweight, small, rvalue, 2.5 inches thick and you can store it rolled up. durability isn't an issue, yet. i do try to be careful where i place any pad. i always use a tyvex footprint with my tarptent moment tent to help protect any pad i have from punctures. also, when i read the reviews before purchasing the xlite, some people complained about the noise. it didn't bother me when i used the pad, it is fairly muffled when you have your bag on top. hope this helps.

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    I use the Big Agnes because it fits in my bag. I agree a therma rest is a good product that is cheap.
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