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Thread: First Bow Kill

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    Quote Originally Posted by velvetfvr View Post
    Finally you joined! This dude is awesome! He is a great shot!
    I have been a member since march but I just haven't got on since but this is a great site!! And thanks. Your a pretty good shot yourself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowhntr4lif View Post
    Here is my 2011 NV antelope. It was also my first big game bow kill.
    Attachment 3618
    Whats the score on that guy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nvarcher View Post
    Whats the score on that guy?
    I believe he went 78 right? Hoping to arrow a buck like that this year!

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    Great seeing some young guys and not so young fellas getting their first bow kills in the last year or two. My first bowkill was a little 5 point whitetail back in 2000. Been a lot since then, but I'll never forget that feeling.



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