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    Quote Originally Posted by BobT View Post
    Those three along with Meat Eater are my personal favorites. I will admit if I see a pronghorn show I will watch who (whom?) ever it is.
    Love meat eater. I'll watch most duck hunting shows as well.

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    In my other life (before I retired 12 years ago), I used to live in southern California. I had a large boat and spent a lot of time fishing and diving of the Calif and Mexico coast. One of my friends was a outdoor show tv producer. We filmed several shows on my boat. The thing that really got my attention was that what was shown on tv and at outdoor shows was a lot different than what I experienced on the trips. 1000's of feet of film was taken and not used. I know this is the practice in the film industry, but it gives a skewed view of what really happens. Makes you wonder how many missed shots, wounded animals and other such stuff gets edited out. Everything you see is almost perfect, really doesn't reflect what we as hunters & fisherman really experience.

    Oh yeah, the original question....I don't watch many. As for Nugent....It has been said already, very eloquently.
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    In addition to Eastmans, The Meat Eater and On Your Own Adventures, I'd like to cast a vote for SCI's Expedition Safari.
    I liked the shows where Mike Rodgers took the kids with disabilities out hunting and also what the money SCI members pays does abroad. I can't recall an episode where these shows don't promote ethics, fair play and contributing to a better and larger cause.

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    This distortion for the sake of pure entertainment by television happens all the time, luckily there are viewers like you who look right through it, I would agree it can have a negative impact on hunting and other adverse influences on children etc.

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    I have a slightly broader view point. I am a self made hunter. Had noone to show me how to or what to do as I grew up. I only started hunting about 6 years ago. I have been in competition shooting sports since I was six years old, and I will be 37 this year. I know my skill in shooting both a bow and a gun for that many years. As a hunter however, it has taken me many balked shots to realize its important to hunt with in my own limits in order to make it an ethical hunt. I only wish that I had had someone beside me showing and telling me when it wasnt a good idea to take a shot. These shows often dont do that.
    There are some that do and its nice to see. I have been and always will if my body allows me to be a spot and stalk hunter. I also rather prefer to bow hunt.
    Rifles are great for ground squirels and coyotes.
    For me, knowing my calm behind a gun at any time, I looked into hunting as a challenge. I know that a gun made me calm and focused. No challenge if I was in range of my gun. Bows have always been a different deal.
    No prone shooting or resting against a tree. Its always standing or maybe a kneeling shot. Off hand, and so so so many factors to consider prior to release to make that shot go where its intended.
    If only I had known the adreniline rush that would have been coming on my first hunt......I would have practiced for that too!!!

    ALLL shows only show a brief window into the efforts it took to harvest that animal. We who have gone and done it know how difficult it actually is. So simply dissing on a show due to it only showing a 30 min highlight reel of an adventure is far from ethical on our own part!
    Everyone of us has made or will make less than perfect hits. And everyone of us when we recover that less than perfectly hit animal are joyous in the recovery of it. Myself included here. And for those of us that have made poor hits and lost an animal also know the pain we feel in the defeat and loss of what we were out to accomplish.

    We all speak of ethics....yet some of you speak of them as if they are a written rule. Have you not forgotten how the hunters education classes define ethics? An un written set of rules that are a guide to making decisions for each hunter. Each hunter is responsible for defining their own ethical boundries.

    We should be passing on our own ethical rules to those youth and adults we influence. We should not though rip on others that make shots you would not. If they have the skill set and confidence to do it, and the animal is harvested and collected.....then they deserve the credit.

    As far as patience to wait out a better shot?.....we all have different patience levels. Rifles and bows have their limits on shot options as well. There are always better shots and marginal shot options. Skill set is the decision factor that we should be basing our go no go off of.

    As far as High fence or open country. We all have our preferences. I believe to hunt is to put myself into the environment that the animal calls home and to truely hunt them on their terms. If I win then I did well. If they win, then I learn and grow in skill and carry on.
    For some....its about bragging there is a market for high fenced hunts. To each their own.

    As far as Ted N goes.....he is a rock star!!!!! Very esentric(SP) in his speach and SUPER excited about hunting. A huge NRA supporter and a supporter of our troops!!!! Most of his hunts are on private lands. Out side of him being a little out there...what is it about his hunting that is so bad? At least its not LRP!!!
    I hunt because........



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