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    Angry Game Commision Meeting in Fallon August 15th and 16

    Hi Guys, received an email today from Les with RMEF about some proposed goofy changes/proposal's at the Game Commission Hearing held today and tomorrow in Fallon. I am still new on here and I dont have a clue how to send something from my e-mail to post on here. If one of the moderators would please send me an e-mail at I can forward the info to you for editing and posting. Thanks and God bless, Mark

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    Here you go lucky.

    Tomorrow afternoon, the Wildlife
    Commission will be meeting in Fallon, Nevada, for their
    regularly scheduled August meeting. They will be
    voting on Saturday whether or not to implement Commission
    General Regulation (CGR) 450 and 451. CGR 450 raises
    the demerits for failing to visit a trap within the
    prescribed time from 6 demerit points to 12 demerit
    points. CGR 451 raises demerit points for anglers
    fishing on private land, without permission, from three
    demerit points to 12 demerit points. For hunters and
    trappers it raises demerits from six to 12 demerit
    points. To most of us who safely and responsibly hunt,
    fish or trap in Nevada, this might not seem to mean too
    much. But, if you’re caught innocently wandering
    across a checkerboard landscape of private and public land,
    much of which is unfenced and un-posted, that 12 points will
    cost you the opportunity to hunt, fish or trap for
    five-years; not just in Nevada, but across the entire,
    western United States! These onerous regulations were
    proposed, because a couple of anti-trappers told sob stories
    about dogs caught in traps, illegally set on private
    property. While we are genuinely sorry for the injury
    that some ne’er-do-wells caused the dogs and their
    owners; this knee-jerk reaction of the commission is not
    justified and will undoubtedly prove
    counter-productive. On top of that, the Commission has
    lumped all hunters and anglers into the mix; putting
    innocent hunters, anglers and trappers at risk of losing
    their hunting privileges, just for being in the wrong place
    at the wrong time. You need to make your voices
    herd! And, quickly!

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