I can't help but correlate sports to hunting, particularly mental toughness.

Spring turkey got the best of me this season, I gave up before the hunt was over and of course I went home empty handed.

I remember reading an article once that you have to expect good things, ie that 6x6 elk is going to be around the next hill, etc... and I usually do think positively and expect good things to happen, even though they often don't.

So I'm curious if any of you out there have thought about this, and if so how you fight off defeat on the 10th day of a bad hunt, etc... bottom of the 9th how you manage to stay tough?

of course I realize some hunts I'm more focused than others, as well different years/times, whatever is going on in my life can affect my hunt, as for sports, with time and training I feel you can increase your mental toughness as well.

I guess I would like to get to a place where I can give 100% for an entire hunt every time, but I'm not there yet, are any of you?

Also I'm somewhat sure when life is going well being mentally sharp during a hunt becomes a bit easier.

If you have any tips or personal experience you'd like to share, I'd be curious to hear your perspective.