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    Put in for Doyle muzzleloader with max points.

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    Should draw X9A based on previous experience. I have already drawn X9A (or A16 for archery) 7 times and have taken 5 Mulies. But like anywhere else you have to put your homework in. This year I am looking at a little different approach, usually I do a lot of spot and stalk and a lot of day hiking (leave well before sunrise and glass from a high vantage point). This year I have been searching a few places to set up a base camp and hunt a ways from others. For the past few years the deer seem to be getting deeper and deeper back aways from their usually places so if you can't beat them, join them. I have a few places in mind and plan on spending the 2 week period of time around my b'day in July for a scout/get-away with the misses (haven't yet figured out why that woman has put up woth me for so many years, but thank God she has).

    Also put in for a sheep tag and an Elk tag, but I won't hold my breath. But those tags do get issued, I drew a Tule Elk tag in '96 and took a beautiful 6x8 bull that's hanging on the wall above me right now and took my first Pronghorn in '09 in Cali, so those tags do get issued even those it doesn't seem like it to many. I wasn't going to put in for sheep this year, but changed my mind after reading a t-shirt from Bugle magazine ("You don't quit hunting because you get old, you get old because you quit hunting"). But I do believe that this will be my last go at it. Figure this might be my last year of hunting bull Elk too, at least by myself. I have an Elk tag for the Big Horns this fall (to go along with that X9A tag and should draw Antelope tags in Wyoming as well), but since I'm doing the Elk hunt by myself I am also going to check for a source to help pack an Elk out by horse if I am successful. I would say it's hell to get old, but I would rather say "it ain't the years, its' the mileage".

    Good luck to all this fall, hunt hard, but hunt safe.
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    Good luck Rob P. If i had max pp's thats the tag i would go for. Hopefully i can find a big buck in x-2 should draw it with 5 pp's. I've got max pp's for the rest.
    ELK - northwest
    ANTELOPE- lassen
    SHEEP- kelso peak



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