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Thread: Alaska elk

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    Alaska elk

    Anyone hunt Alaska elk here? Wife wants to plan a trip to Alaska next year just trying to round up some info

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    I killed an elk on afognak island.

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    Raspberry Island and Afognak Island have elk herds. Non-Resident hunters don't need a guide but the hunting can be tough. Lots of alders, steep hills and bears. The elk on Raspberry are by drawing permit only, Afognak has a registration permit hunt. Don't expect big antlers but the animals are very large. There are several good vessel based outfitters and several good quality Air-Taxi operators in Kodiak. Be sure of land ownership before you go. Several Native corporations own land in the area and you'll want to see about a permit from them if you plan to hunt their property. Go well prepared for can be horrendous that time of year!



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