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    I use the 7 pin while the wife shoots the 5 pin. They are bullet proof. I was looking at a moveable but like SDhunter said i just don't know if I could be able to move the pin. but thats me. I still love the movable pin idea just can't talk myself to switch before more hunts this year.

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    I am fascinated by the devotion the Spot Hogg people have. I picked one up once and it was ridiculously heavy for something I would put on my bow! Granted, I understand they are tough, but in 26 years of bowhunting I've never had a sight fail and I used a few cheep ones back in the day. Do a lot of you have trouble with sights letting you down?

    I think it's great they have a happy following I just find it interesting how differently people can approach their equipment.

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    Zach... Whats up brother Hey, I wanted to chime in here but to be honest, the Boss is a little heavy for hunting... The Tommy works well in place of it if you really want a slider sight... IMO Spot Hogg is THE BEST out there... I just know how hard you hunt and it can effect not only front end bow weight but also canting... The extra weight will have you canting your bow and necessitating the use of a counter balance satbilizer... If you don't do that, you will be compensating in your grip and upon release, you could notice your groups falling apart... Have no idea if that WILL happen to you but it did for me
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