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    6mm Bullet Test: 100 gr. Partition, 90 gr. E-tip, 90 gr. Accubond

    I used three loads that were shot in each rifle and chronographed just prior to the test. The loads were the exact same for each rifle with only the rifles being changed, not loads to get a better comparison and to see the effects of different chambers and barrel lengths. The rifles are as follows:
    Remington Model 600 - 6mm Remington - 18.5 " barrel

    Ruger MKII - 6mm Remington - 22" barrel

    Ruger #1B - 6mm Remington - 26" barrel

    Tests were done at 25 yards. I must say that Nosler's rule the roost! These are some awesome bullets. The one E-tip that broke a couple petals off smacked the board I had the jugs sitting on which was placed on the ground. They all performed very well. On the sheets when I say almost out, that means the bullet almost exited the jug it was last in, 5 and almost out for example means the bullet almost exited jug #5. Saying it cut #5 for example means it almost got into number 5, and cut the jug and just about got in to it from #4.

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