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    Garmin Rino 650 just went on sale at Cabela's for $379.99 if anybody's looking for one. ($120 off)

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    Quote Originally Posted by canvsbk View Post
    I see no end to my list. Everything seems pricey but if you by junk you're always sorry.
    x2 very true
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    Just got the Garmin 655t for my birthday. It is nice and the birdseye feature is a nice addition to what I had with the 530HCX. Some learning curves. $379 for the 650 would be a great deal, I think the only difference is the camera. Had that deal been there a few weeks ago I would have had my wife get it. One mention on upgrades is all the accessories are different and you need to upgrade them all, about another $200 for me. I like City navigator for mine and it is only good on one unit. It functions as my car's gps on vacation and hunting trips. Some maggot stole my Nuvi gps for my truck. Battery packs, belt clips, chargers are all different for the 600 series. I think the some of the newer Oregon s are the same.



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