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Thread: meat donations

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    My house eats nothing but what I kill as far as red meat goes, we buy no beef. I donate an animal a year because I'm gratefull I'm able to go out and hunt and provide for my family and there are a lot of people that can't so I allow them to enjoy the same meat my family does. Plus that gives me more time in the field hunting

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    I crab the wye river commercially on occasion. Some good hunting in that area also!
    Yea, I try to go out west each year I can afford. I guess I have been out around a dozen times in my 40 years. I have had two guided hunts, and after one bad one, its been DIY ever since! I plan to go a lot when my two boys and I get more points built up. My favorite hunt is elk with a bow during the rut! Doesn't get any better in my mind. That is until you kill one 5 miles inn, and have to hump it out on your back!

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    Hey Colorado Cowboy.....
    Buy a smoker and smoke the duck and goose breasts, it's unbelievably good.



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