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Thread: Favorite socks

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    Smartwool! Sierra trading post usually has a good deal on them some are irregular but wear them daily so for half price and you cant hardly tell the difference they work for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by labman View Post
    Merino wool "Darn Tough Boot Sock Full Cushion 1464"
    +1 for Darn Tough. Ther are great socks and they are made in Vermont.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wild Country View Post
    +1 for Smartwool best sock I have worn!!!
    Smartwool for me as well. Best socks ever, especially when your out for 5-7 days. They literally ward off the stink. I tried liners under these once and got blisters from the liners. Now just wear the Smartwool and have never had blister problems since. Also own Smartwool dress socks and running socks and love them all. I prefer them over any other sock I have ever owned.



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