I've gotten to know my local warden too. Nice guy, and very helpful. Always will to answer questions. He gives me some slack too. He knows i'm an old guy, and packing out an animal is hard on me. Were suppose to bring out the antlers along with proof of sex. I'm not a trophy hunter, and have no interest in antlers. So, I asked him if I need to bring out the antlers. He said to not worry about it, because he could judge the age by the testicle. Not sure that's true, but I appreciated it. He knows I would shoot anything illegal.

I don't hunt over the pass, but I did come close to hunting unit 55 this year. It's a little too far to come over every night. Which I like to do. Nothing like a hot shower and my bed to get ready for the next day. Plus I need to take care of my dog.

Your Jeep sounds good. You probably saw my TJ when I posted it. I love Jeeps. Yours has a lot more room than mine, but mine is ok for the way I hunt, and the back has plenty of room for my gear, and a boned out elk.

I think i'll go back up for some more scouting tomorrow, and see what I can find.