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    Yeah I use the caribou bags as well and are the best bags I've ever used. I used the medium bags for boned out elk per quarter and there is plenty of leftover space.

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    NwMn Hunter I have used the bags we get corn in here in Mich.They are made of some sort of white woven nylon that breathes and is extremely durable.I have used them since 1994 and can not think how they could be better.You can get new ones at the feed store for .50 ea. they come in 50 or 100lb sizes.They are so durable I think you could wash them and use the same ones for years.Good luck I hope you need them.

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    The caribou bags are far and above the best for everything. Absolutely a must own. I also have some bags I bought a long time ago for general transport. I think they are laundry bags (cotton)and I think they were from camp more or gander. Work great in camp but don't breathe as well.



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