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    Danner Pronghorn w/ synergy footbed inserts update: I recently started hiking the local hills around here, with about 60 pounds in my pack.. The hills aren't too steep, about 175 ft of elevation change over 1/5 of a mile or so.. I've put about 8-10 miles on the boots, and the were extremely comfortable from the get go. My boots are the uninsulated version, and my feet sweat a little, but it's nothing that a sock change every few hours won't cure.

    For about $200 shipped to my door, with custom inserts, I'm impressed with the boots. Tons of ankle and arch support, and I can really cinch them down tight for no slipage.. My only qualms are where the tounge tucks into the boot, it gets a little uncomfortable. In talking to the Lathrops though, it sounds like this will remedy itself soon. All in all, an excellent boot for the price.

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    I just bought the silent stalk sneakers for 130 and took them on a 10 mile round trip. Very light but offer great side hill and ankle support.

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    If you got the cash Lowa, Kenetrek, or LaSportiva. Easy break-in on Lowa's....Good luck.
    luck is when opportunity meets preparation...

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    I wear Salomon 4D Cosmics - little loud colorwise, but sub 3 pounds for the pair and a high performance boot from the backpacking community. Love em'.



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