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    Fall back tags

    OTC Archery is always a great idea here in CO, the area I hunt Mule Deer in CO is always leftover so I can build points and hunt bucks and does early season. Between the Elk, Deer, Pronghorn, and Bear in Colorado i don't have a weekend from 25 Aug to Dec that I don't have an chance to get into big game. I will usually make one Muzzle trip to NE to wrap up the year! The Gf hunts with me and is just as jazzed about playing as I am, so I don't spend much time in the doghouse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zim View Post
    Mine was going to be one of the leftover Montana combo tags. Was set to pull the trigger when instead I pulled a rabbit out of my hat with a New Hampshire moose tag with 1% draw odds. Set for October.

    Also, when I could see things weren't going my way early, I decided to burn my Iowa deer points so I will be there in November. So my plate ended up full after all.
    You are put in for NH moose 4 years now..0 draw

    I get OTC tags in my new home state,so really dont have to worry about not getting a tag,but I play the priority point game in several states like others here...usually one will pay off out of state and there is enough other species to hunt here that I should stay
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    I look at leftover WY antelope tags. I can always go bird hunting in my home state. Deer are OTC in my home state.



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