You have been hiking for a few hours. You are a couple miles from camp. You are hunting in a wilderness area in Idaho. You are hunting bull elk with a bow in wolf infested country. You have a pistol by your side on your hip. A few minutes later you come to a opening in a trees about 50 yards wide and about 150 yards long. There is a big white, male wolf staring right at you. You have practiced with your bow out to 100 yards for practice. The wolf starts trotting at you. Do you try and whack him with a arrow at around 80 yards and then go for your pistol or do you wait for him to get closer before you do anything. You know he is coming at you and it is going to be sketchy.
Don't say I wouldn't be bowhunting but pretend you are. I would let him get to about 70, see what he does and maybe shoot a arrow and then get the pistol ready.

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