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Thread: Points?

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    For what animals?Antelope,and mulies are $5 each in SD,Mulies now until july 20,and antelope from early july to aug 20th deadline.And of course from today to sept 30th in WY for antelope,elk,and mulies..
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    Quote Originally Posted by buckbull View Post
    Husky - Why not sheep?
    Sheep are $100, the most expensive for starters.

    75% of WY sheep tags goto max point holders. Do you have max points?

    The other 25% go in a random draw, meaning a unit has to have 4 tags just to have 1 tag go in the random draw.

    I forget where max pts currently is but let's just say its 15, it's somewhere in 15-20pts I believe.
    So you start now with 0pts... every year a few people with max pts will draw a tag but max pts continues to increase... ie... for at least 20years you'll just be "chasing" max points.

    IMO it's almost a con, take your money and never draw that top tag. You're better off not buying a sheep point and just trying to draw a random tag, save your $100 every year...

    The system may eventually change, and then it might be nice to have had 10pts built up, but do you want to build pts in hopes the system changes? I don't.

    Also sheep quality in WY is low IMO, 160" is a monster right?

    But of course make up your own mind.
    Personally I feel so many hunters don't read/get the facts and decide, it's just, oh what's the best unit? I'll apply there.

    So if you have less than 10sheep pts in WY, I wouldn't even bother applying for a bonus pt.

    Basically my point is mostly, if you have 0pts, and are considering applying in WY for sheep pts, skip the sheep points, apply for that tag, but not the points.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuskyMusky View Post
    Also sheep quality in WY is low IMO, 160" is a monster right?
    Just curious, what is your opinion based on?
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