Been holding off until it was offical and once I got word that I had drawn my Antelope tags for Wyoming this year I decided to purchase Mike Eastman's Hunting Troiphy Antelope DIY Guide and what a great book. I have heard people post here before about what a great resource it is and they are spot-on. The book arrived yesterday and I about 1/3 of the way through, and even though I have hunted Antelope in the past, I find something on just about every page that I didn't know. Many things I had seen while hunting Antelope were explained and many things I have found could be used in pursuit of other game.

If you are newbe to Antelope hunting (as I am even though I have hunted them in the past) this is the best $25 you can spend to get ready for your Antelope hunt. The section on just field judging Antelope is worth the price of the book. One section I really enjoyed is Section 1 Pronghorn Physical Appearance and Behavior, it has encouraged me to dig even deeper into the traits and habits of other species that I reguarely hunt. In fact the reason for this post is to ask you out there who have read both Mike's Antelope and Elk books is if the Elk book is as informative as the Antelope book?

Regardless of what you think you might know about something there is always more to understand, you should never quit trying to learn regardless of the subject.

I used the MRS section here at Eastmans quite heavily during my hunt section process for both my Wyoming Elk and Antelope hunts this fall, now based on what I have read I have a little different insight about Antelope when I take the field this fall.

Eastman's keep up the good work.