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Thread: Kifaru tipis

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    I'm a fan of kifaru. One paratipi, 6man, G1 longhunter pack and sleeping bag in my arsenal. Great customer service and durable, well made products keep me coming back for more. This is a personal decision and there are a number of products that will work. As for me, I see no reason to look elsewhere.

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    If you are going for a solo shelter, I'd look at the new Sawtooth. I have the para-tipi and a 6-man. The para is great, but for 2 hunters and if you hit some bad weather, the Sawtooth offers more space.
    Yes, condensation does occur, just like any single wall shelter. Vent the top and fire the stove and things dry out very fast.
    Very little to worry about regarding ash and sparks, if you use the screens supplied with the stove.
    For what it's worth, I have had the opportinity to use the para, 6-man, 8-man and 12-man and will never camp in a tent again without the superb ability to make safe, fast heat.

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    Try you can get what you want...I am looking at one of the smaller ones...I also know that Montana canvas is making some now too...I used one this fall..they are sweet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gman View Post
    I have several Kifaru tipis. Just ordered another one matter of fact - a 12 man for family use. Prefer the Sawtooth for backcountry use though. Great piece of gear and a great company. Can't say enough about them. They've totally changed the way I hunt and get back there. Don't be afraid to go with a 4 or 6 man or Sawtooth. When you're in the backcountry and it's cold and wet and you have dry heat it changes the game in your favor. I love the floorless design and to date I don't have any ash or burn holes in mine. The stoves come with screen spark arrestors that greatly reduce the chance of burn holes.
    I'm totally agree with you.You'r 100 good.When you're in the backcountry and it's cold and wet and you have dry heat it changes the game in your favor.Thanks for taking this opportunity to discuss this.



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