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Hey guys, just wanted to jab at you a little. Seriously, I really don't care what caliber someone shoots at big game, it's their choice. Just so they know their gun and can shoot it well is what really counts. Shot placement is more important that how big (or small for that matter) the bullet is. Shoot well guys............
We all know that ! I myself couldn't think of a more perfect cartrige for antelope than a 25.06 !
I've been using Barnes TSX and TTSX on elk, deer and antelope for many yrs. The are the bomb for me. Bust bones. and keep on going. in 2008 I shot a bull elk in Wy. at 543 yds. with my 300 RUM. I held on the top of his shoulder (air). Fisrt shot hit right above his front leg joint shattering the big leg bone and blew into his chest just missing above his heart. He was dead on his feet. He ran a few steps and turn to opposite side and stoped. I repeated everything exactly the same and he went down. The 2nd shot hit the other leg in same spot but 2 in. lower. Also blew upper leg bone in half and took out the top of his heart. I couldn't repeat the 2 in. group at over 500 yds. in the rest of my life. Sorry, I know not about what antelope caliber !