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    I've had a couple different .25-06's before this current Ruger and they've all liked their very own loads. I find them to be a bit picky and all different.
    I sure do like the 110 accubonds, accurate and as tough as partitions.

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    Maybe a 100gr partition or Swift scirocco II if they shoot well with your current powder. A neighbor gets good results with the 100gr Sierra also, but I'd prefer the tougher bullets in the 100gr weight. If you are used to your drop and drift holds with the current load it might be best to leave it alone.

    Darn hard to argue with the guys suggesting the accubond if you change bullet weights though. I load them for a neighbor's 257 weatherby. They did a great job on the shoulders of his last buck at 80yds with a starting velocity of 3400fps. They have excellent toughness and terminal performance. I load accubonds in pretty much everything.

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    I've owned and shot 25-06's since before they were a factory load. I've shot over 50 deer and probably as many antelope with this caliber. Almost all were with Sierra 117 gr boattails. Never once have I experienced anything but great bullet performance from it. When I first started loading this in the early 60's, 120gr was as big as you could get. I like the Sierra because of the BT. Still shoot it today even tho I do shoot 100 gr Nosler ballistic tip in boattails for my antelope load now.
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    Sneak that little 100 grain bullet behind any deers shoulder and he will have trouble taking his last few steps if any. I used to shoot 115 grain nosler ballistic tips out of my dads old remington 700. I used 52 grains of imr 4831 and it was a really good load. I use 100 grain nosler ballistic tips in mine now with impressive performance.



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