I haven't been on the forum for awhile.
Last year some of you got me interested in area 125. I've driven through 125 for the last 15 yrs but always hunted Reg. F. I spoke with Guy about it before I put in and mentioned I had no pts. because of always putting in for Reg. F.
I also mentioned area 109 and 89 ( I have 40 acres in 89 that butts up to Rattlesnake Mtns . He told me it would take max 6 pts for 89 and probably 5 for 109 and 125. I told him I drew 125 with 0 pts. this year. I know, lucky SOB ! His wife drew 121 elk ( I drew in 2008) 125 deer and 75 loper ! Talk about lucky or banking pts. ! They are going to be busy ! Hope he doesn't mind me mentioning all that...
I read some post from last year about 125 (where I got the idea) but haven't seen anything since.
Anybody out there willing to tell me a good starting area. I'll be hunting it from Nov.5th to 15th.
I will greatly appreciate any input.