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    I totally agree with vince. The biggest thing I have learned with backpacks is that they are like boots. Just because all your friends like the same one it doesn't mean that it will fit you. Go try some on for sure. Good luck!
    Congrats on booking your hunt! When do you go?

    Some good advice here. Talk with your outfitter - they will recommend different brands to look at and also a pack size you will need. How much gear do you need to pack? How many days is your trip? All of these things will factor in to the pack size you will need. Try a few different brands and models out and see what fits you properly. Mystery Ranch is another for you to consider. With the amount of money this trip will cost be sure to invest in quality gear - especially boots and a pack. From what I hear about Alaska Dall hunts I would be sure to have good rain gear as well.

    Sorry - I'm late on the post I see you have already purchased a pack.
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