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    low light test last night

    Just figured I'd post our findings for anyone interested.

    Last night my hunting partner brought over his new Vortex Razor HD 20-60x85 spotter and his 10x42 Leupold Gold Ring Binos. We set it up on a truck window mount, and had my Minox BL 13x56 BR binoculars, Vortex Viper 8x42's (non HD), and Minox BV 8x42 binos, as well as my ED50 on my tripod. We compared them for the last hour of daylight, and about 30 minutes of dark looking across a narrow cornfield about 3/4 of a mile long that we just chopped for silage.

    The Razor spotter was excellent. At 20x it did very well, and even up to 40x it seemed to gather alot of light. It was usable longer than his Leupold Gold Ring binos.

    The little ED50 hung in way better than expected. It was probably due to the 13x low end instead of 20x low end. Still even when turning it up to 20x it did a good job. It definitely wasn't equal to the Razor, but wasn't as far behind as I figured it would be. I think it's title as king of 50mm scopes is well earned.

    The Gold Ring binos were disappointing, the worst of anything tested. He is getting rid of them they were noticably heavier than the 8x binos I had and didn't gather as much light. They also cost more than I paid for both of mine combined.

    The 13x Minox binos beat everything for seeing detail in low light. They showed more detail later than anything tested. The larger objective and better glass must have more than made up for the higher magnification. It was like turning the clock back 15 minutes when we looked through them compared to everything else we tested.

    The 8x binos we rated equal. Both showed more detail than the 10x Leupold's, but not what the 13x minox showed. For the money we were impressed with both. He may trade his gold rings into SWFA on 8x42 Razors, and if he does I'll be real curious to compare again.

    We should have had a clock out with us and wrote down times that they became un-usable, but we didn't think that far ahead. It was an unplanned event, we just did it while grilling. Just figured I'd post it, I'm always looking to upgrade optics and read reviews. It seems that there is less low light reviews available than on clarity, color, and other features.

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