Planning a rifle hunt for the fall of 2013. Looking at 35-L for a unit. We live in Wisconsin. Planning on driving through the area on our way back from our Wyoming mulie hunt in October for the second time.

We are pretty in shape guys, and are definately not your typical "road hunters." We like to strap on the boots and put some miles on. Getting away from the roads is not an issue for us.

Not necessarily trophy hunting......but probably wont shoot small bucks either, looking for something better. Which area of 35-L ( slim buttes, cave hills, short pines) has a better mulie population? Hunting pressure? Trophy potential?

Am i on the right track here for a unit to hunt? Most other areas seem pretty scare of public land. The Badlands look good, so does the areas around Wall & Wasta, the Oglala NGL down toward the Nebaska panhandle, and the Missouri Breaks.....but public land access seems to be an issue for those areas. That one gas station in Wasta has some HUGE mulies on he wall in their back room. wow. anyways, the 35-L area seems more remote. But I am open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance if anyone has some info.