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    Take the hide all the way off the skull for sure. It's very easy and won't take you very long. After that, you have several options of putting the hide in a cooler, etc. Ideally, you want to stick the cape in a deep freeze for about 2 days and get if froze solid but a cooler is better than nothing.

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    MOst taxi guys dont want you saltn because most dont know how to. And if you dont know how to, you kust lost a cape. YOu have to turn everything, flesh all the fat and muscle off, take the thick spots down and then salt. Most folks dont know how to do all of that. So yes most people freeze and opt for dry-ice or pay a local taxidermist to do all the turning for you it takes about 6-7 days to salt a hide properly.

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    Attachment 3960Attachment 3957]QUOTE=NoMoreOldNo7;33649]Yeah them lopes are the toughest, but hopefully I'll have 3 of them to practice on (2 does & a buck). And I am looking to take a wall hanger in X9A. I'll do my part now I only have to get them to do their part.

    And yes, plastic and hides do not mix well. In the freezer its fine, but anywhere else you can at least say is a learning experience. It's OK to make mistakes, just as long as you learn from them (that goes for most anything but women, I made a lot of mistakes before I learned anything, and class is still in session on that one).

    Get after a big en up there in Calif, I wish you luck.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks NoMo ! I'll try. Maybe I'll drop the cape and all of at your house on way home to practice on
    Rememeber to give me a ring when your in X9A , I'll be up the road a little way in X12 .
    Yeah, I learned a lot of field care, etc. for capes in last 20 yrs. from 3 different taxidermist I've hunted with.
    Funny, one of them wanted me to do a life size on my bighorn. I said if you do it for the price of a shoulder mount I will ! No go there ! I did a pedestal mount instead.
    The woman/wife thing, I learned the first time... been there done that. Like being single for last 16 yrs... If I look tired in first pic it's because I am ! Second pic is finnished product but can't see stand. It has rocks,sage,crap in center and below neck.The bull mount is my fave. Cha ching ! My Taxi frind in Cody did that one. What he looked like before a dust collector.It wouldn't let me download the deer mount from Wy. 2010 ??? We should start a taxidermist/mount thread...Attachment 3957
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ca. Big Horn.jpg   bighorn mount.jpg   Wy  Bull 2008.jpg   Wy. elk mount.jpg   Wy. buck 2010.jpg  

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    I wonder if this would help?

    I saw an ad for it to help perserve meat in the field, but it also says it will help with the cape. I think it is contains citric acid, etc. Just wanted to know if any of you had opinions?
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    Hey TooFarEast, thanks for the site. That looks like an interesting product. It must be something like "Stop Rot" I have never seen it before. If you look at the Directions tab it talks in there about bacteria & salting hides. I also like the statement "Remember, treat your cape like your game meat and you will greatly improve the quality of your big game mounts!" The best way to help you taxi provide a great mount is to take proper care of your hide before you get it to him. Regardless of how nice a trophy you have, it's tough for a taxi to bring back a spoiled hide.

    Again good job finding this site

    Hey HuntWYODon, those are some mighty fine looking animals you have right there



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