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    New Rifle LR 1000

    I called Gunwerks and got my name in at the factory to build me a LR 1000 with the Nightforce scope and muzzle brake.
    This gun is very expensive but Ive wanted one for a long time and decided to let a few guns collecting dust in the safe go to come up with the cash. The long range hunting discussion has been a very controversial subject on the forum in the past and I'm not looking that type of discussion on this post but I would like input on the gun itself.

    What can really make the value of this gun so high? Is it because it's not really a massed produced?

    I know the scope alone is $2k+ but I want the package deal, but if you take the cost of the scope out of the deal I think the cost of the gun alone isn't all that bad for what I'm getting.

    I know there are other guns out there including my current rifles I hunt with now that I am comfortable shooting long range that I have that cost half as much but I want to consolidate and I think this is the rifle for me.

    Any thoughts on the production of this gun and it's components?


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